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Activating Obesity Diagnosis
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This is not a CME activity. 

Obesity is one of the most prevalent non-communicable chronic diseases in the world. Many people with obesity attempt to lose weight each year; however, only a small percentage can achieve and maintain long-term weight loss. Despite its prevalence and effects on health, obesity remains largely underdiagnosed and undertreated, and few clinicians have the confidence or training to manage obesity effectively in their patients, indicating a significant need for education.

The increasing prevalence of obesity and its related complications and comorbidities make competencies in obesity management essential for health care professionals. Yet, many health care professionals lack knowledge and understanding of obesity treatment guidelines and, are not aware of barriers or how to address them to improve the effective management of obesity.

Furthermore, many clinicians may find it challenging to start weight-related conversations with their patients.

The goal of Activating Obesity Diagnosis program is to empower clinical endocrinologists, primary care physicians, and the broad endocrine care team to:

Recognize that obesity is a serious and chronic disease
Understand the rationale for an obesity diagnosis to start conversations with patients about obesity as a serious disease
Diagnose obesity as a chronic disease
These objectives are met with scenario-based video clips and other resources.

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