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A Case Of Central Diabetes Insipidus Due To Lymphocytic Infundibuloneurohypophysitis (Linh)
A Case of Pseudohypoparathyroidsim Type 1A Undiagnosed till Late A
A Case of Hypoalphalipoproteinemia Due to Tangier Disease
Effect of Protein-Sparing Modified Fast Diet on Plasma Levels of Lipids, Uric Acid, and Liver Enzymes
A Case of an Encased Carotid: Recurrent Cushings Disease
A Beautiful Coincidence that Saved a 19-Year-old-Girl from Long-Term High Dose Levothyroxine
Endocrinology E-Consults Improve Patient Access To Care While Providing Significant Cost Savings
Acute Heart Failure And The Disruption Of Glucose Control
A Complicated Case of Lithium Induced Hypercalcemia following Subtotal Parathyroidectomy
Deciphering Mutations: A Case of Familial Hypertriglyceridemia
Not Over-Eating for Two. The Obesity Problem Associated with Active Duty Pregnancies
A Case of Atypical Acute Steroid Myopathy
A Case of Graves Hypothyroidism
Knowledge, Attitudes And Perceptions Of Endocrine Senior Residents About Transgender Medicine – A Singapore Perspective
Acute Hypertensive Crisis Due to Newly Diagnosed Pheochromocytoma in the Ninth Decade of Life: An Unusual Presentation
Acute Recurrent Pancreatitis: a Rare Presentation of Parathyroid Adenoma
Olanzapine Induced Hypercholesterolemia in a Schizophrenic Patient
A Case of Pituitary Apoplexy in a Patient Receiving Imatinib
A Case of Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia
Men2A And An Anterior Mediastinal Mass: Not Always A Paraganlioma
Acute Kidney Injury In Metformin Users, A Concerning Combination
Adult Hypophosphatasia: a Rare and Underrecognized Phenomena, Case Report
Real-World Long-Term Safety and Efficacy of Proprotein Convertase Subtilisin/Kexin Type 9 (PCSK9) Inhibitors
A Case of Significant Prolactinoma Growth in Pregnancy
A Case of Rare Clear Cell Variant of Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma
Patient Perspectives On Satisfaction And Trust Related To Insulin Delivery Devices – What Matters Most?
Acute Onset Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Caused By The Checkpoint Inhibitor Pembrolizumab
Anastrozole: a Rare Cause of Hypercalcemia
Vitamin D Levels, BMI nnd Lipid Profile in Prediabetic Individuals: A Case Control Study From Kerala
A Catecholamine Secreting Tumor in a Pregnant Patient with Von Hippel-Lindau: A Case Report
A Case of Surgical Management of Refractory Amiodarone Induced Thyrotoxicosis Type 2
Patient Satisfaction And Retention In An Academic Pediatric To Adult Diabetes Transition Program
A Rare Case Of Transient Central Diabetes Insipidus After Cardiac Arrest Secondary To Hypoxic Brain Injury
An Intriguing Confluence of Unusual Disease Processes
ACTH Associated Hypercortisolism and Hypercoagulability: A Case Report
A Case of Thyroid Storm Complicated by Multisystem Organ Failure Requiring Plasmapheresis to Bridge to Thyroidectomy
Primary Carnitine Deficiency Caused By Compound Heterozygosity For Slc22A5 Mutations And A Novel Mutation
Are Sglt-2 Inhibitors Safe In Patients Undergoing Bariatric Surgery?
An Unexpected Complication with Recombinant Human Parathyroid Hormone
Addison's Disease Associated with Hyperinsulinemia and Pseudo-Acanthosis Nigricans
A Double-Edged Sword: The Development of Endocrinopathies in Patients on Nivolumab
Transgender Health Care: Evaluation Of The Perception Of Competence And Comfort Level Among Internal Medicine Residents
Asymptomatic Hypoglycemia Caused By Hyper-Warburgism In Metastatic Succinate Dehydrogenase-Deficient Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor
An Unusual Case of Severe Primary Hyperparathyroidism with a Low-Normal PTH Level
A Lingering Endocrine Complication in Chronic Opiate Users: Insight into Diagnosis of Long-Term Opiate Induced Adrenal Insufficiency
Allan Herndon Dudley Syndrome, Mutation in SLC16A2 Gene: First Case Reported in Columbia
Bruns-Garland Syndrome: A Rare Presentation Of Diabetic Polyneuropathy
Atypical Femoral Fractures: a Case Series
An Adrenal Adenoma Presenting as Paediatric Obesity
All that Lithium Can Do! A rare Case of Painless Thyroiditis and Hyperthyroidism in Subclinical Hypothyroidism
Carnitine Deficiency Causing Fasting Hypoglycemia Following Bariatric Surgery – A Case Report
Baseline Characteristics from the Observational Paradighm Registry of Patients with Chronic Hypoparathyroidism
Androgen Secreting Steroid-Cell Ovarian Tumour with Elevated Serum 17-Hydroxy-Progesterone: A Diagnostic Trap for the Unwary
Amiodarone Induced Thyrotoxicosis Treated with Plasmapharesis and Total Thyroidectomy
Case Of Insulinoma In A Patient With Esrd
Cardio-Metabolic Risk Factors of Falling in Men with Osteosarcopenia: the Results of Bushehr Elderly Health (BEH) Program
An Interesting Case of Primary Hyperaldosteronism
A Rare Case of Methimazole Induced Anca-Negative Myositis
Cellular-Enabled Glucometer Use In A Minority Medicaid Population Improved Hba1C Reduction
Characterization and Outcomes of Patients with a Fragility Fracture in an Integrated Healthcare Organization
A Rare Case of Nivolumab-Induced Isolated ACTH Deficiency
A Rare Case of Thyroid Abscess Caused by Campylobacter Jejuni
Clinical Characterization Of Veterans With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Receiving Concentrated Regular Insulin (Humulin R U 500)
Characterization of Older Male Patients with a Fragility Fracture
A Rare Case of Pancreatic Paraglanglioma Mimicking Pancreatic Cancer
A Shocking Mimic of Malignant Cervical Lymphadenopathy in a Patient with a Thyroid Nodule
Comparation Of Continuous Glucose Monitoring In Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Patient During Fasting Month And Non-Fasting Times
Early Onset Primary Hyperparathyroidism with CD73 Gene Mutation
A Rare Case of Paraganglioma in Pregnancy
Benign Thyroid Nodules: Safe and Less Expensive Radiofrequency Ablation RFA Treatment in a Private Endocrinologist's Office
Correlates Of Peripheral Arterial Disease Among Patients With Type 2 Diabetes In Ekiti, Nigeria
Hidden in Plain Sight
A Rare Plurihormonal Pituitary Adenoma: A Case Report and Review of the Literature
Bone in the Thyroid
Deceived By Diabetes: A Case Series On Maturity Onset Diabetes Of The Young
Humoral Hypercalcemia of Malignancy: a Retrospective Single-Center Study
A Teenager with Recurrent Palpitations: A 4 Year Journey To a Diagnosis of Men1 Syndrome
Challenges in Hyper-functioning Thyroid Cancer
Different Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessments Tools Predict Dissimilar Numbers At ‘High Risk’: A Cross-Sectional Analysis In A Tertiary Care Hospital.
Hypophosphatemia after Intravenous Iron Infusion
Avoiding Anchoring Bias in Adrenal Insufficiency-S
Clinical Signs of Myxedema Coma in a Patient with Subclinical Hypothyroidism
Efficacy Of Fixed Dose Combination Of Empagliflozin And Linagliptin In Addition To The Ongoing Treatment In Type 2 Diabetes – Real World Observational Study
Impact of a Multidisciplinary Team Approach in Osteoporosis Management
Bilateral Adrenal Hemorrhage in Pregnancy
Conversion from Autoimmune Hypothyroidism to Graves' Disease in a 68 Year Old Asian Female: Case Report
Empagliflozin-Linagliptin Fixed Dose Combination (Fdc) As An Add On To Metformin In Asian Indian Subjects.
Indolent Systemic Mastocytosis Presenting with Left Femoral Neck Fracture in a 48 Year Old Male: a Case Report
Bilateral Adrenal Hemorrhage Masquerading as Acute Pancreatitis
Development and Validation of a Molecular Diagnostic Test for Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma Using NGS Mutation Detection and MicroRNA Expression Profiling
Endogenous Hyperinsulinemic Hypoglycemia In A Patient With End Stage Renal Disease (Esrd)
Life-threatening Hypercalcemia: an Unusual Cause
Bilateral Adrenal Hemorrhage, Vague Presentation with Serious Complications
Development of Thyroid Associated Orbitopathy After Thyroidectomy for Recurrent Papillary Thyroid Cancer
Evolution Of Metabolic Syndrome In Newly Diagnosed Type Ii Diabetes Mellitus Asian-Indian Patients Over The Last 15 Years Using Ncep-Atp Iii, Who And Idf Criterion
Life-threatening Hypocalcemia due to Celiac Disease
Bilateral Pheochromocytomas in Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia 2A. Is Observational Approach an Option?
Does Hyperfunction Means Safety?
Factors Associated With Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease And Fibrosis Among Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Monostotic Paget’s Disease of the Proximal Phalanx
Biochemical Testing for Cortisol Excess in Patient
Effect of Radioactive Iodine on Hurthle Cell Thyroid Carcinoma
Frequency Of Interactions With A Digital Therapeutic Platform Improves Blood Glucose Control Among Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Non-Functioning Parathyroid Adenoma
Cases of Ectopic Cushing's Syndrome - A Diagnostic Challenge
Elevated Thyroglobulin in a Post-operated Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Patient. Should We Always Worry?
Fructosamine Vs. A1C; Provider Knowledge And Retrospective Analysis In Veteran Cohort
Nonischemic Cardiomyopathy and Severe Hypocalcemia in Type 1A Pseudohypoparathyroidism
Challenging Case of Gitelman Syndrome in Pregnancy
Evaluation of Elevated Calcitonin in a Patient with Sporadic Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma
Gender Differences In The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease And Liver Fibrosis In Adults With Type 2 Diabetes
Osteomalacia Secondary to Malabsorption in an Elderly Female Treated Primarily with Calcitriol
Consider Non-classic Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia in Patients with Adrenal Incidentaloma
Expanded Identification of Kinase Fusions Enhances Diagnostic Yield in Thyroid Nodules
Glycemic Variability Measures And Impact On Patients With Type 1 Diabetes In Research And Practice
Phase 1b Evaluation of the Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Abaloparatide Solid Microstructured Transdermal System in Postmenopausal Women with Low Bone Mineral Density
Definitive Surgical Management of Ectopic Cushing's Syndrome with Bilateral Adrenalectomy
False Positive Thyroglobulin Washout Level in a Patient Presenting with Thyroglossal Duct Cyst and a History of Thyroid Cancer
Greater Reduction In Postprandial Glucose Excursions With Ultra Rapid Lispro (Urli) Vs Lispro In Patients With Type 1 Diabetes At Different Meal-To-Dose Timings
Pseudo Hypoparathyroidism Presenting as a Fragility Fracture
DHEA S-Dilemma - A Case of PCOS with Elevated DHEA-S
Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma Presenting as a Lumbar Spinal Mass with Spinal Cord Compression
HMG (3-Hydroxy-3-Methylglutaryl) Coa-Lyase Deficiency And T2D With Insulin Resistance (Ir) And Pcos
Response to Burosumab in an Adult with X-Linked Hypophosphatemia
Diagnosing Acromegaly in a Patient Without Acromegalic Physical Characteristics
Goiter as the Presenting Finding in the Diagnosis of Immunoglobulin-G4 Related Disease (IgG4-RD)
Hypoglycemia As An Adverse Event Of Hyperkalemia Treatment: Characteristics And Risk Factors
Severe Primary Hyperparathyroidism in Third Trimester of Pregnancy: A Therapeutic Challenge
Discordant Serum 17-Hydroxyprogesterone And Androstenedione In The Management Of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia: Are 11-Oxygenated-Androgens Useful?
Hyperthyroidism in a Patient with Recurrent Complete Hydatiform Mole
Hypoglycemia Due To Pancreatic Tumor: Glycemic Profile Seen With Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Statins Reduce Incident Hip Fractures Among Chinese People with Type 2 Diabetes: The Effect of Cumulative Daily Defined Dose
Evaluation Of Comorbidities And Concomitant Medication Use In Adolescents And Adults With Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Treated with Glucocorticoids
Immunotherapy Induced Permanent Hypothyroidism After a Single Dose of Nivolumab for Prevention of Cancer
Impact Of Perioperative Dexamethasone On Hospital Length Of Stay And Glycemic Control For Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Undergoing Total Hip Arthroplasty
Symptomatic Hypocalcemia and Secondary Hyperparathyroidism in 21 YO Southeastern African American Female at College in the Northeast
Expect the Unexpected
Impact of Thyroid Eye Disease on Patient Quality of Life as Perceived by Physicians in the United States
Improvement In The Glycemic Control With Insulin Glargine 300 U/Ml - Real-World Effectiveness In Indian T2Dm Patients
The Effects of Insulin Resistance on Bones in a Group of Postmenopausal Women
Functional Adrenocortical Oncocytoma - A Case Report
Intramuscular Levothyroxine as Outpatient Management of Refractory Hypothyroidism
Insulin Resistance And Obstructive Sleep Apnea In Adults With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus In Nigeria
The Hidden Parathyroid Adenomas
Granulomatous Hypophysitis in the Setting of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Isolated Cranial Nerve VI Palsy in a Patient with Hashimoto's Thyroiditiis: A Novel Finding
Intravenous immunoglobulin causes falsely high anti-thyroglobulin antibody
Two Cases of Delayed Diagnosis of Vitamin D - Dependent Rickets Type II
Histoplasmosisand Primary Adrenal Insufficiency in a Man on Abatacept for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Management of Thyroid Storm in Calmette Hospital, Cambodia
Knowledge And Practices Towards Good Glycaemic Control Among Patient With Diabetes In A Tertiary Care Hospital.
When Considering Teriparatide Therapy in a Patient with Normal Total Alkaline Phosphatase – Not Everything is as it Seems
Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-Related Hypophysitis in Renal Cell Carcinoma
Metastatic Breast Cancer Involving Thyroid Gland Presenting as a Stable 1 CM Nodule with High Risk Features on Ultrasonography
LADA: A Rising Entity Within Diabetes
Incidental Detection of GH-Secreting Adenomas In a Cohort of 112 Patients Undergoing Transsphenoidal Surgery
Myxedema Coma Manifesting as Cardiac Tamponade and Respiratory Failure
Late Onset Euglycemic Diabetic Ketoacidosis By Sglt2 Inhibitors
Indications & Outcomes of Endoscopic Endonasal Transsphenoidal Resection for Prolactinomas
Persistent Hashimoto's Encephalopathy Managed with Total Thyroidectomy
Muscle Mass And Muscle Function Determinants In Elderly Patients With Type 2 Diabetes: A Cross-Sectional Study
Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis Presenting as Hypopituitarism Secondary to a Hypothalamic Mass
Plasmapheresis as a Bridging to Total Thyroidectomy in a Patient with a Life-Threatening Thyroid Storm
Neuromodulation For Treatment Of Painful Diabetic Neuropathy - A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing 10 Khz Spinal Cord Stimulation To Conventional Medical Management
Less Prevalence of Subclinical Hypercortisolism in Patients with Aldosterone-Producing Adenomas with Somatic KCNJ5 Mutation
Primary Hypothyroidism and Ovarian Cystic Enlargement
Nivolumab Induced Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus In A Patient Known To Have Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Macroprolactinoma - An Unusual Presentation of Severe Gynecomastia and Galactorrhea in Men
Progressive Active Grave’S Ophthalmopathy
Once-Weekly Semaglutide Reduces Hba1C And Body Weight Across Baseline Hba1C Subgroups In The Sustain 1–5 And 7–10 Clinical Trials
“Mass”ive Attack or “Mega”ace Strike - What Caused the Low Cortisol?
Rare Presentation of Follicular Carcinoma
Outcome Of Simple Screening Tools In Assessing Dpn In New Onset Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Medical Management of Co-Existent Cushing's and Primary Hyperaldosteronism
Re-Differentiation Of Radioactive Iodine Refractory Metastatic Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma With Dabrafenib
Paraganglioma Presenting With Diabetes-Insipidus Like Symptoms
Metastatic Adrenocortical Carcinoma Liver Lesion Incidentally Found During Ureteral Stent Placement
Seeding The Cancer: Acute Infectious Thyroiditis Preceding The Diagnosis Of Invasive Follicular Thyroid Cancer
Pattern Of Treatment And Its Relation With Glycaemic Control Among Diabetic Patients In A Tertiary Care Hospital Of Bangladesh
Metastatic Disease to the Pituitary
Slide-Based Molecular Testing Including Microrna. Salvage Of Insufficient Aspirate Molecular Results In Nodules With Indeterminate Thyroid Cytology
Platelet Volume Indices As Predictive Biomarker For Microvascular Complications In Type 2 Diabetic Mellitus Patients
Mysterious Case of Stress Induced Severe Transient Hypercortisolism Associated with Reversible Bilateral Adrenal Enlargement and Cardiomyopathy
Solitary Lung Metastasis From Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Presenting 40 Years After Total Thyroidectomy
Prediabetes And Diabetes Mellitus In Office Workers Having Risk Factors For Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
New Oral Testosterone Undecanoate (TU) Formulation Improves Testosterone Concentrations as well as Psychosexual, Well-Being and Body Composition and Bone Desity Parameters in Hypogonadal Men
The Afirma Genomic Sequencing Classifier And Xpression Atlas Among 50,644 Consecutive Bethesda Iii-Vi Thyroid Nodules
Prevalence Of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus In Women With High Risk Factors At A Tertiary Care Hospital In North India
Now you See it, Now you Don’t: A Case of Disappearing Diabetes Insipidus
The Double Edge Sword Steroid Facilitated Diagnosis Of Primary Thyroid Lymphoma
Quality Improvement In Diabetic Ketoacidosis Management: Implementation Of An Institutional Protocol To Improve Outcomes In Dka Patients
Ovarian Hyperthecosis in a Postmenopausal Woman with Adrenal Adenoma
The Role Of Lenvatinib In Radioactive Iodine Refractory, Advanced Differentiated Thyroid Cancer: A Case Report
Real World Effectiveness And Tolerability Of Remogliflozin In Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes Patients
Pancreatic Neuro Endocrine Tumor in a Patient with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex a Rare Association
The Unpredictability Of Autoimmunity: An Unusual Case Of Graves Disease Presenting With Graves Orbitopathy Almost Three Decades Following Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
Relevance Of Lipid Parameters In Prediabetes – An Observation Study
Panhypopituitarism Associated with Primary Intracranial Germinoma
Thymic Hyperplasia Presenting As Anterior Mediastinal Mass In A Patient With Graves’ Disease
Risk Assessment Score For Screening Of Diabetes Mellitus By Using Indian Diabetes Risk Score Among Bangladeshi Adults
Pet Avid Adrenal Nodule in Patient with Stage IV Head and Neck Cancer and Normal Preoperative Biochemical Work Up
Thyroid Antibody- Negative Euthyroid Graves´ Ophthalmopathy
Safety And Efficacy Of Faster Acting Insulin Aspart In People With Type 2 Diabetes And Chronic Kidney Disease: A Real-World Study From India
Pheochromocytoma: The Sublime Importance of Thorough History Taking
Thyroid Hormone Resistance In A Patient Without Known Family History: A Clinical Conundrum
Screening For Adult Onset Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) With Only Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase (Gad65) And Ica (Islet Cell Antibodies) Will Lead To A Missed Diagnosis And Inappropriate Therapy In A Significant Percentage Of Patients
Pituitary Apoplexy Presenting as Ophthalmoplegia After Cardiac Surgery
Thyroid Nodule With Indeterminate Cytology: A Single Institutional Experience With Molecular Testing
Severe Diabetic Ketoacidosis Presenting With An Unusual Complication Of Reversible Blindness: A Case Report
Prevalence of Renal Cysts in Patients with Primary Aldosteronism
SGLT2 Inhibitors as a Novel Approach for Management of Erectile Dysfunction in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Primary Hyperaldosteronism without an Adrenal Mass
Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis, As Initial Presentation Of Graves Disease
Sglt 2 Inhibitors; Glycemic Control, Weight Loss And Safety Profile In Patients With Type 2 Diabetes, At Medicell Institute... A Private Care Facility
Primary Hyperparathyroidism in a Pregnant Woman
Tricky T3 Troubles
“She Just Won’T Eat”: A Case Study Of Recurrent Hypoglycemia
Prolactin and Gh Co-Secretion in Pituitary Adenomas a Tale of Three Stories
Unusual Presentation Of Thyroid Storm
The Efficacy Of Once-Weekly Subcutaneous Semaglutide Is Comparable In Subjects With Type 2 Diabetes Aged < 65 Years And ≥65 Years: A Post Hoc Analysis Of Sustain 1–5 And 7–10
Prostate Cancer with Pituitary Metastasis and Cranial Nerve Palsy: A Rare Presentation of Common Disease
Weak Heart From Sluggish Thyroid: A Case Of Nonischemic Cardiomyopathy Related To Severe Hypothyroidism
Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus With Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency: A Harbinger Of Complications
Recurrent Adamantinomatous Craniopharyngioma with Panhypopituitarism
Utilizing A Quality Of Life Tool To Examine The Presence Of Fatigue In Subjects With Diabetes
Severe Cushing Syndrome Due to Pituitary Microaden
Severe Hyponatremia Following Rhabdomyolysis and Acute Renal Failure in a Young Patient with Undiagnosed Hypothyroidism
Shingles that Mingle with Adrenals: A Case of Isolated Acth Deficiency Following Varicella Zoster Meningitis
The Clinical Characteristics and Long Term Outcome
The Estradiol Enigma---High-Levels, Low-Symptoms
The Forth Horseman-Men4, a Case Report
Treatment of Hypogonadism in Young Women
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