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AACE Learning: Obesity and Nutrition
Bundle Overview

This bundle provides a collection of courses and media related to rare diseases and conditions (Pituitary, Gonad, Adrenal, Neuroendocrine). Bundles feature standalone courses, master classes, and a video library of on-demand lectures captured from various AACE events throughout the year. As a comprehensive, one-stop-shop, the disease state learning bundles are a valuable tool for clinical endocrinology knowledge and continued education.

NOTE: Courses do not necessarily all have the same expiration date for credit claiming. Dates for the courses in this bundle are listed below.  

Courses Included in the Bundle:

Course Title CME MOC Credit Claiming Expiration Date
Managing the Disease of Obesity 8.25 8.25 3/2/2022
Obesity: A Chronic Disease 5.75 5.75 3/1/2022
Obesity: Comorbidities and Complications 7.75 7.75 3/2/2022
AACE Master Class: Nutrition and Cardiovascular Mortality 1 1 5/11/2023
AACE Master Class: Can Technology Improve Measurement of Nutrition and Physical Activity? 0.5 0.5 5/11/2023
AACE Master Class: DSN Year in Review: Obesity and Nutrition 2020 1.25 1.25 5/11/2023
AACE Master Class: Eat Fat to Lose Weight: the Low Carbohydrate, High Fat Diet 1 1 5/11/2023
AACE Master Class: Non-nutritive Sweeteners and Obesity 1.25 1.25 5/11/2023
AACE Master Class: Primary Endoscopic Weight Loss and Metabolic Therapies - Current and Future Technologies 0.5 0.5 5/11/2023

Video Library Contents

Video Title Presenter

Lifestyle Management
Meera Shah, MBChB

Calories, Carbs, or Quality? What Matters Most for Body Weight Control
Kevin Hall, MD

Medical Management of Obesity
Caroline Apovian, MD
Obesity Pathophysiology W. Timothy Garvey, MD, FACE 
Obesity and Nutrition Workshop Karl Nadolsky, DO, FACE
Surgical Management of Obesity Daniel L. Hurley, MD, FACE 
Does weight loss really make a difference in diabetes related outcomes? W. Timothy Garvey, MD, FACE 

Interactive Case Discussion - Medical Management of Obesity 
Caroline Apovian, MD
Interactive Case Discussion - Evaluation and Management of the High Risk Patient  W. Timothy Garvey, MD, FACE
Interactive Case Discussion - Lifestyle Management Meera Shah, MBChB
Interactive Case Discussion - Surgical Management of Obesity  Todd Kellogg, MD
Availability: On-Demand
Cost: Member: $180.00
Non-Member: $300.00
Credit Offered:
5.5 CME Credits
1 Participation Credit
5.5 ABIM-MOC Points
Contains: 10 Courses
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